Fans Absolutely Hate The Watcher Finale: "Hands Down The Worst Ending Ever"

Fans Absolutely Hate The Watcher Finale:
Image credit: Netflix

What can possibly be more disappointing than a bad ending after a good start? Tell that to The Watcher fans.

The new Netflix horror series premiered on October 13, rolling out all seven episodes at the same time for fans to binge-watch. However, what started off as a compelling and intriguing story turned out to have "the worst ending in the history of everything", according to some of the fans who have completed their binge.

"I just finished watching #TheWatcher on Netflix and, despite having a really promising premise, the ending of this show WAS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE," Twitter user mmpadellan said. "I haven't been THIS pissed about investing time in a show and getting this soggy diaper of an ending."

Another fan said that the ending has turned the show into "an absolute waste of time", even though it's based on a true story.

"If you're the sort of person who needs a clear ending to mysteries, don't bother. What a waste," MaggietheMezzo tweeted.

If you are ready for some spoilers — which are about to come, so be warned — then you might be interested to know that the show did not quite offer an ending that would explain things. The real-life story that The Watcher is based on has remained unresolved until this day, but the show appeared to have made it even more disappointing.

The True Story Behind Netflix's The Watcher Will Give You The Creeps

The show revolves around a couple (Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale) that moves into their dream home — only to end up being stalked by the mysterious Watcher. The couple hires a private detective named Theodora (who is terminally ill) in order to look into the matter, but the detective... ends up being a stalker.

Or not quite. In fact, when Theodora claimed to be a previous occupant of the house who wanted the couple to get out so she could move back in... she lied. Just because she wanted to give them closure before she died. As to who The Watcher is exactly — you'll never know that. Because, you know, that's how it is in real life.

According to fans, the decision to give the story a fake closure like that was "pointless", because it cheapened the entire mystery. It was a pity for a lot of people because the show in fact has managed to keep them in suspense — something that made it even more frustrating in the end.

The Watcher is available for streaming on Netflix.