Fans Absolutely Hate This 'The Rings of Power' Dialogue

Fans Absolutely Hate This 'The Rings of Power' Dialogue
Image credit: Prime Video

The script is perhaps one of the most criticized things in Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' prequel.

People don't seem to be unilaterally fond of 'The Rings of Power 's writing, but there is a certain couple of lines that drive them particularly crazy — and it looks like both fans and critics of the show agree that the dialogue could have been a lot better.

It's a little interaction between young Galadriel and her brother Finrod back at the time when the two enjoyed their life in Valinor. Finrod tells Galadriel that he won't always be there to guide her and help her understand what's right and what's wrong, but he does share what appears to be a valuable and wise advice.

But the advice has turned out to be less impressive for fans than the writers might have imagined. Finrod tells Galadriel that a stones sink because they "look down", and ships float because they "look up to the stars".

"And they used it twice, just as Galadriel refuses entry to Valinor – as though it were some sort of profound and life changing message to carry in your heart forever," Reddit user AnonymousLifer complained.

Some fans came up with their own version of the dialogue that was supposed to be impactful — but made an effort to actually make it impactful.

"It would be much better if he said that ships go forward, letting the past behind, while the rock stays in place. That's why the ship stay afloat while the rock sinks." – /Tipodeincognito

Many people were especially angry because it looked like writers were "proud" of the lines even though they ended up sounding "dumb". Others just can't seem to understand how can the visual be so astonishing but the writing so bad — especially with Amazon's astronomical budget for the show.

"I'm just absolutely amazed how the production budgets of these shows and what they can produce visually is stunning, yet the writing doesn't seem to match the budgets. It's not a ROP thing, it's rampant. Is there seriously a shortage of good writers in Hollywood? It's a dream job I imagine, how can the writing output of these high value shows feel so mediocre and half the time like it wasn't proofread, resulting in obvious issues." – /Imaybetoooldforthis

Aside from bad writing, 'The Rings of Power' is criticized for its diverse cast and "failure" to uphold John R.R. Tolkien's legacy in the show — at least that's what many die-hard Middle-earth fans are claiming after having watched the first two episodes. Another camp argues that the show is good enough for something that is based on Tolkien's works, and pretty much everyone appears to agree that the visuals and the music are "outstanding".

'The Rings of Power' is currently streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving every Friday.