Fans Accuse Bad Bunny of Queerbaiting After Stage Kiss With Male Dancer

Fans Accuse Bad Bunny of Queerbaiting After Stage Kiss With Male Dancer
Image credit: Legion-Media

Do we have another Harry Styles here?

Last night's VMA awards ceremony was certainly rich in events: from Taylor Swift announcing her new upcoming album 'Midnights' to… Bad Bunny suddenly stealing a kiss from his male dancer during his performance of "Tití Me Preguntó".

The steamy moment has immediately caused waves on Twitter, but not for the reason you think. It turns out fans were not particularly happy to see it, accusing Bad Bunny of… queerbaiting – similarly to what is happening to Harry Styles now.

"Harry's queerbaiting classes are working I see." – @hijackya

Although many people were not ready to determine who exactly is, in their opinion, worse with their supposedly "queerbaiting" tactics. Some people argued that Bad Bunny was "better" than Harry, others were quick to defend Styles.

A couple of fans even highlighted how they "don't see" Harry doing a similar thing on stage to his dancers, even though he is actively using LGBTQ+ topics in his songs and does not shy away from flying pride flags on stage.

But there were people who took issue with fans slamming Bad Bunny for kissing a male dancer and never directly address his sexuality.

"I'm sorry but when did people have to openly say they were queer. And to ADD he has talked abt having a sexual fluidity. Like we talk abt being open to everyone then shame artists who normalize being queer in media…" – @Leona_Diamond57

Bad Bunny has a long-standing relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri – his girlfriend for around 5 years. In 2019, he even led protests in Puerto Rico, calling for the island's governor to resign and challenging his views on gender and sexuality.

Despite being an LQBTQ+ ally, but has never openly spoken on his own sexuality, only saying that "one never knows". According to him, his sexuality was fluid.

The Puerto Rican singer also made history at this night's VMAs, having won an Artist of the Year title, joining Camila Cabello as the only Latin artists to ever secure the award.