Fans Agree This $650 Million MCU Movie Had the Most Wasted Potential

Fans Agree This $650 Million MCU Movie Had the Most Wasted Potential
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If you ask a fan of the MCU what the worst movie in the franchise is, many will surely name this movie.

Thor: The Dark World was quickly ranked as one of the worst MCU movies when it was released in 2013.

Formally, it cannot be said that Thor 2 failed, because with a budget of 170 million dollars, it earned about 640 million.

However, audience reviews after the movie's release were mixed, to say the least. And not only viewers were disappointed.

The director of the movie Alan Taylor himself said that he was dissatisfied with his brainchild. Idris Elba, who played the role of Heimdall, literally called his participation in the shooting "torture".

And Christopher Eccleston, who played the the main villain Malekith, revealed that he hated the six hours of makeup to transform into a dark elf and that he would never return to this role.

The viewers agree that the second movie fails on all fronts while being compared to the first one. The sequel is less solid than the first Thor, and looks like just a series of action scenes that have practically no semantic load.

Setting is poorly supported by the base of Scandinavian mythology, unlike the already mentioned Thor 1. The characters themselves seemed to have been distorted.

"It [Thor 2] imitates Thor 1's structure and even some of its camera work and mise-en-scene, but misses its themes and fails to really do anything differently or better, outside of giving Loki a new role," Reddit user Twigryph said.

Many also complain about the large number of storylines. Surprisingly, in the original plans for the storylines in the movie, there were twice as many.

Jane Foster turned into the demonic essence of Aether and prepared to destroy all nine worlds. The idea was abandoned because movie creators did not want to create another villain at the end.

As for villains, many agree that Malakith has become one of MCU's dullest and most ephemeral antagonists.

"He was an incredibly boring villain, just yet another "quietly menacing" bad guy, which was such a huge letdown considering how exciting, manic, and colorful comics Malekith was," Reddit user peekitty commented.

As a result, the movie was not terrible, but just not on the level of other MCU installments. Weak plot, vague villain, and only Loki, according to many viewers, was the one who kept the movie at least bearable.