Fans Are Desperate To See This Iconic Character Appear In 'Batman 2'

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With recent news of Warner Bros. officially greenlighting Robert Pattinson-led, Matt Reeves-helmed 'The Batmen' sequel, fans are hoping to see this cult DC character making an appearance in the upcoming movie.

'The Batman' premiered this March and received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans and critics, with both favorably comparing 2022 film to the now-legendary Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy. With Riddler and Penguin being the main villains in the first installment, it is pretty difficult to pinpoint what other DC antagonists might appear in the sequel (apart from already teased Barry Keoghan's Joker), but fans have one serious contender Warner Bros. should consider.

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While discussing all the possible theories for the sequel film over on Reddit, DC fans managed to agree on one thing – Harvey Dent should be in the film. In DC comics Harvey Dent is a Gotham prosecutor, who has had his face horribly mutilated, leaving him with a dissociative identity disorder and a fierce hatred of Batman.

Two-Face is a complex, layered character, previously played by Aaron Eckhart in 'The Dark Knight' and Tommy Lee Jones in 'Batman Forever'.

Some fans urge Reeves not to rush and turn Dent into Two-Face immediately, but to take some time and focus on his friendship with Bruce Wayne and his deeply disturbing origin story instead. Perhaps the director can take a new look at a rather popular character, and many fans will be happy to see Harvey Dent in a new light.

It will be interesting to see if Reeves and his creative team will take fans' ideas into consideration and how they are going to approach the interpretation of this legendary comic book character.

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