Fans Are Fuming Over How Elsbeth Writers Are Killing Its Potential

Fans Are Fuming Over How Elsbeth Writers Are Killing Its Potential
Image credit: CBS

It could have been something so much better.

For a long time, shows with a goofy main character were received perfectly by the audience. Easy storylines, lighthearted characters and a lot of dumb situations that seemed deeper when you had a better look at them.

So the writers Michelle King and Robert King decided to reuse the formula and create something of that sort in 2024. That’s how Elsbeth was born. The series revolves around a woman named Elsbeth Tascioni, brilliantly played by Carrie Preston. She is this typical offbeat weirdo of a person who always finds herself out of sync with other people.

The thing is she is also an astute attorney, who despite being very unconventional still managed to find a way to bring the world to justice. Because of her methods of work her colleagues always find her annoying and don’t trust her. But she still puts her heart out there every day.

However, it seems that viewers are getting tired of the slow pace of the show because it feels ridiculous to have so many episodes for a single storyline.

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For example, in episode 4, the officers still do not trust Elsbeth and the whole office treats her with disrespect. Fans find that kind of writing insulting.

What would have helped the show, fans are sure, is to change its formula into something different. Change the pace and the way the story is told, make it dynamic.

“Elsbeth the show would have been best as an hour long show with serious writing on fx or a Canadian network where the writing is more dynamic. Most ideal would be a British or European network where they really know how to tell a story. This version of the show doesn't give time for character or plot development. It's juvenile at best but even some 30min kids shows have better writing,” Redditor dreamed2life said.

However, some fans believe that the show’s going in that exact direction. Well, let’s hope! Check out Elsbeth on CBS if you feel optimistic.