Fans Are Once Again Outraged Over 'Lightyear' Same-Sex Kiss

Fans Are Once Again Outraged Over 'Lightyear' Same-Sex Kiss
Image credit: Legion-Media

Just how much Disney-related controversy is too much?

'Toy Story' spinoff centered on the real-life astronaut Buzz Lightyear, has just been released, but it looks like the children's film may find itself in hot water again. After Disney 's controversial decision to cut the same-sex kiss from the finished cartoon received a huge backlash from LGBTQ+ community and its supporters, the studio decided to include it in the film after all. And now, after seeing the entire film for the first time, fans are wondering – where is that kiss?

In a thread on Reddit fans discussed the recently released 'Lightyear' movie, and one question was asked constantly – where is that much-publicized kiss between Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba ) and her wife? Since many people didn't see this important scene during their screenings in the cinemas, many immediately suspected Disney of cutting it out of the theatrical version. But the truth, as always, turned out to be much less interesting – the kiss only lasted a couple of seconds during the quickly cut editing scene.

"It's so fast. There was a scene where Hawthorne kisses her wife in one of the scenes as they're "fast forwarding" through time," – /Melk-boy.

Fans were stunned by this development, wondering why Disney decided to cut the episode in the first place if a lot of viewers managed to miss it just by blinking. Many people were quick to accuse Disney of using LGBTQ+ representation to promote the film without caring at all about the characters.

"I really don't like Disney's blink-or-miss type representation. It's not different from 'token black' characters. Just make a one good LGBT centric film if you really want to brag about, Disney." – /Puzzled-Journalist-4.

Others were not so quick to condemn the big studio, blaming the homophobic public instead.

"Yeah when I saw the movie I was like what? You have a lesbian couple and all of the implications there but you have what was the most chaste, innocent looking kiss that could have been like two friends and people are this mad? Wow we are a messed up society." – /Sherifftruman.