Fans Are Outraged Over 'Killing Eve' Finale: Worst Ending Since 'Game of Thrones'

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Killing Eve’ just ended its four-season run, and fans are not happy with series finale.

Major spoilers ahead!

The prospect of a romantic relationship between Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jody Comer) was the most appealing aspect of the series to millions of fans around the world. But the possibility of them sharing the "happily ever after" came crushing down with series' last moments. Finally defeating the feared spy-organization The Twelve and celebrating their success aboard a riverboat, our heroes couldn't be happier – at least before Comer's character is ruthlessly killed by an unknown sniper. Eve screams, the credits roll – and that's a wrap, ladies and gentlemen.

Wow. No wonder fans are beyond themselves with anger, seeing their favorite characters torn apart in a matter of seconds. And Villanelle's death is not a cliffhanger, its permanent and irreversible. It's hard to imagine what series showrunner was thinking while preparing such a gut-punch to her fans.

Thousands of fans went to Twitter expressing their distaste for series' finale.

Some even went as far as seeing homophobic undertones in show's writer Laura Neal's official comment, referencing Eve's love for Villanelle as just a phase.

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