Fans Can't Handle Millie Alcock's Rhaenyra Being Replaced With Emma D'Arcy

Fans Can't Handle Millie Alcock's Rhaenyra Being Replaced With Emma D'Arcy
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Milly Alcock has been captivating as the young version of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the first five episodes of HBO's House of the Dragon. After leaving the Game of Thrones prequel show before the sixth episode, fans are left wondering if she'll ever be back for the role.

Alcock was born in 2000 and has been replaced by Emma D'Arcy, who is eight years older than Alcock, as an older version of Rhaenyra. D'Arcy has received praise for her brilliant portrayal of the character, but that hasn't stopped fans from hoping there's room for both actresses.

While the show was still in its first season, there was a chance for Alcock to return. However, Ryan Condal has stated that they don't have any plans for it. Season 2 has already begun development and Condal said that Alcock is not part of the story they're telling.

Condal never ruled out the chance of flashbacks featuring the younger versions of the characters, which would bring Alcock back onto the screen. He said that the show can "get a little bit more fancy," and was not "closing the door on anything."

Fans took to social media, some to voice their displeasure at the recasting, some to celebrate it, and some simply hoping Alcock would be seen again.

One Redditor commented that, while they enjoyed the D'Arcy episodes, they'll miss Milly Alcock along with Emily Carey, who played the younger version of Queen Alicent Hightower. They hoped both actresses would be able to come back in some way to the show.

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Another said that if fellow fans knew anything about the full scope of the story, they'd be excited for the time jump. It brings the show closer to the original Game of Thrones timeline, which is exactly what the prequel show has been doing. Someone else agreed, not understanding why anyone has a problem with the time jump. After all, they're not the first show to include one.

A few fans voiced that they had no problem with the time jump itself, they are just "sad" that they won't be able to see Milly Alcock and her incredible portrayal of Rhaenyra anymore. One said that it was "fair to be apprehensive" about how the time jump will go, as Alcock had done such an amazing job selling the character she'd played.

If Game of Thrones proved anything, it was that anything is possible for the franchise. While Milly Alcock isn't planned for future House of the Dragon episodes, nothing is off the table.