Fans Concerned as 'Ms. Marvel' Creator Teases "Risky" Next Episode

Fans Concerned as 'Ms. Marvel' Creator Teases
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even riskier than changing the main character's powers?

The 'Ms. Marvel' finale is just two episodes away, and stakes are really high for Kamala Khan, who – spoiler alert! – discovered herself in the middle of the Partition in the latest episode's cliffhanger. But things are just getting started.

According to the show's creator Sana Amanat, it is episode 5 she is most anxious about – particularly due to the risks that the team seems to be willing to take.

"The next episode is going to be an interesting one. Full disclosure, it's the episode I'm most nervous about. I think it's really great, but we took some risks with that episode. So, I'm curious to know how people are going to respond to it," Amanat told Entertainment Weekly .

Fans were quick to startle after this remark. After all, the show has already taken enough risks by changing Kamala's powers and pushing for more representation. What could the creators have in mind for episode 5 and, most importantly, the season finale?

Most of the fans suspect that the viewers will be shown something particularly controversial in that partition. But there are also a couple of not culture-related, but story-related things some fans don't want to see in the show.

"Please don't make Kamala the "trail of star". That would be terrible, terrible writing choice, omg I'm nervous." – @diaryunpressed.

And some things, on the contrary, people are craving to see, but they don't look plausible as of now, although the two final episodes might still have something surprising up their sleeve.

"This whole show was a risk. It didn't need to be. You had the perfect Kamala, Iman probably knows more about the character than some of the writers. All you had to do, was make her an Inhuman, and the rest would unfold by itself." – @ManInTrenchc0at.

But Amanat can be sure that some people are going to love the story no matter what, since they are already invested enough to take whatever is coming.

"Whatever it is I'm gonna love it. I refuse to be a part of the crowd that brings down Marvels content because it's not "up to their standards". I've been the most invested in Marvel since Endgame ended than I ever have been and I unapologetically love everything they've made." – @SnorthOfficial.

Next 'Ms. Marvel' episode is coming out this Wednesday on Disney Plus, to be followed by a finale on July 13.