Fans Defend Taika Waititi's Balance of Humor and Drama in Love & Thunder

Fans Defend Taika Waititi's Balance of Humor and Drama in Love & Thunder
Image credit: Marvel Studios

An unpopular opinion or an objective take?

'Thor: Love and Thunder ' has received plenty of criticism, mainly due to what many believe to be excessive amounts of humor for a dramatic superhero movie. However, it looks like there are a lot of people willing to stand up for Taika Waititi and his light-hearted approach.

A lot of critical reviews pointed out that Waititi would include jokes in the most inappropriate moments. But one fan took to Reddit to argue that in fact, the director abstained from jokes when it came to truly dramatic moments – and even when he didn't, it wasn't as bad as social media tried to portray it.

For instance, many have taken issue with how Natalie Portman 's Jane Foster handled having cancer: she would often laugh the topic off as if she wasn't fatally ill.

"Sure Jane made a few jokes but his haters are acting like if Taika had Jane make jokes on her [deathbed] about how she's bald from chemotherapy or something. Jane has a bit of a flippant attitude but not everyone is hyper depressed over facing death," one of the MCU fans wrote.

The fan notes that when it comes to serious things like Jane's death or the demise of Gorr's daughter, the movie refrains from joking.

Still, 'Love and Thunder', according to many fans, ruined the majority of dramatic moments by stuffing the movie with sometimes "cringe worthy" jokes. People were also frustrated with how Thor appeared to have gone "dumber" as he reduced pretty much every event in his life to a joke.

The movie has recently passed $600 million at the global box office.