Fans Divided Over Captain Marvel Acknowledging Falcon as Captain America

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Speaking about controversial characters…

The Disney Cruise Avengers Dining Experience offered an exclusive sneak peek at the interaction between Captain Marvel and Falcon, who has recently been promoted to Captain America. And it looks like Carol Denvers fully supports this promotion.

In a leaked video from the event, Sam Wilson thanks Denvers for "the assist", hearing a "You're welcome, Captain" in response.

However, not everyone is as excited about the new Captain America as Denvers. Some fans were very skeptical about the acknowledgement, yet again voicing their discontent with Marvel anointing Sam as Steve Rogers' successor.

While some people simply refuse to accept Sam as new Cap, others argue they are perfectly fine with him, but would rather see Falcon developing his own identity instead of taking over someone else's.

"And became a token character instead of an original. To think people call us(who want Sam to be his own original Superhero) a bunch of racists." – @GoldLiger0X.

Many were quick to defend Falcon, noting that the studio's choice will remain unchanged no matter how much some fans may dislike it.

"Anyone replying to this who refuse to acknowledge Sam as Captain America I’m here to tell you get over it. You can not like it, you can disagree. It doesn’t change the fact that Captain America is Sam Wilson. Stop being so stuck to what you saw 10 years ago. Read a book." – @JesseBrwj9344.

For her part, Brie Larson's Captain Marvel is also no stranger to fan criticism. Some people claimed that her character lacked depth and was not compelling, while others seemed to have an issue with a character this powerful being female.

Anthony Mackie's Falcon, in turn, was established as Marvel's new Captain America in 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', with the TV show largely focused on Wilson's struggles with whether he is worthy of Steve Rogers' shield.

With 'Captain America 4' being in the works, Mackie is set to wield the iconic shield in the fourth installment of the Captain America franchise. Production details, as well as the release date, are being kept under wraps as of now.

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