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Fans Don't Want to Hear About Adam Driver as Snape in Harry Potter Reboot, and We Don't Blame Them

Fans Don't Want to Hear About Adam Driver as Snape in Harry Potter Reboot, and We Don't Blame Them
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Fans are not happy with the fancast (ironic) of Severus Snape in the new Harry Potter reboot, which is set to be executive produced by J.K. Rowling herself. Reasons? Plenty of important ones, as usual.

HBO Max has recently announced a new (and unnecessary, as many fans believe) Harry Potter remake with an all-new cast, and people are quick to make their suggestions!

One of the more popular ones seems to be Star Wars actor Adam Driver, and some Potterheads see him as the perfect Snape.

This has been a recurring rhetoric even before the big news – some fans have longed for Driver to play young Snape in a Marauders prequel or a Snape-centric spinoff for years.

Well, now the star is 39, which is actually older than the age Snape died (which was 38). This, by the way, is one of the reasons other fans are so against Driver taking on the iconic role.

Book fans are outraged at this fancast, saying that while Adam does look a little bit like Alan Rickman (the late actor who played Snape in the original movies), his body type is nowhere near that of the canon professor.

That is actually true because Driver is 6 feet 2 and "built like a fridge," and Snape is more on the scrawny, skinny, and bony side of things.

Plus, the character has some distinctive facial features, such as "greasy black hair" (Adam's can be made to look like that, we guess), "a hooked nose" (a miss there), and "sallow skin" (well, makeup can fix that).

Another argument against Driver in the iconic role is the fact that he just won't pull it off.

Rickman was a legendary actor and, although he looked different from book Snape, his Severus had the most important thing – he gave off the same terrifying vibe, and we all believed him.

Adam is a great actor, but he is just not that scary and probably never will be!

Finally, some fans have a lot of compassion for Driver, believing that he has "suffered" enough from one famous franchise (the sequel trilogy is a mess on its own, sorry) and doesn't need another one to wreck his career.

That makes sense. Kind of.

Anyway, the cast for the reboot is yet to be announced, and Adam Driver has not expressed any interest in the role, so for now, we all need to stop panicking and hope for the best.

Maybe the show will end up fixing what the movies lacked?