Fans Guess What Marvel Character Maria Bakalova Could Play In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3'

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'Borat 2' breakout star recently joined James Gunn's MCU threequel movie, and fans have a lot of ideas about who exactly she's playing.

Maria Bakalova took Hollywood by storm quite unexpectedly, stunning audiences with her rather controversial pranks with Sacha Baron Cohen, which resulted in her appearance in several prestigious films, including Netflix's 'The Bubble' and A24's slasher flick 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies'. Now it's time for the promising actress to try her luck at the MCU under the watchful eye of James Gunn himself.

Bulgarian star's role has been described as a key one, so in a thread on Reddit fans decided to skip the possibility that she would play some secondary role altogether. The most possible part for Bakalova is that of Moondragon, one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, who is also Drax's daughter. Although Drax's origin story has been significantly altered for the MCU, Moondragon may still appear as an alien rather than a human. That theory sounds quite plausible, but there is one thing that ruins it almost completely: James Gunn's words.

Gunn's said that Moondragon isn't in the movie, and he doesn't usually straight up lie about this sort of thing (so it's not another Andrew Garfield situation). – /LittleYellowFish1.

However, even though Gunn has denied that Moondragon is part of the upcoming film, some fans still believe that the director is playing sly, trying to delay the surprise at all costs.

Gunn said Moondragon wasn’t in the movie, but gunn’s also pretty smart with the way he words things to not lie, maybe Drax’s daughter is in it, and she’s not moondragon yet. – /LeoBocchi.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' will land in cinemas on May 5, 2023.

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