Fans Had the Best Reaction to the Idea of a Nolan & Tom Cruise Action Movie

Fans Had the Best Reaction to the Idea of a Nolan & Tom Cruise Action Movie
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans think Tom Cruise and Christopher Nolan is an explosive match made in heaven.

It all started with a video posted by a popular YouTube channel IGN. In the video titled Tom Cruise v. Christopher Nolan: The Battle for the Best IMAX Stunts, the author compares two filmmakers and their mind-blowing movie stunts.

Tom Cruise is widely known for doing most of his stunts by himself. The iconic actor is not skipping a beat when putting his own life at risk for the realism of a scene. Cruise's first-ever-done stunts and the commitment to the unique experience of his audience have earned the actor his Stunt King status. Christopher Nolan is not far behind Cruise when it comes to extraordinary IMAX stunts and creating genuine action scenes. The director is constantly pushing the limits of what the industry has to offer, inventing new stuff and techniques when needed.

The most popular comment under the video contained an idea that many dedicated cinephiles appreciated. Why compete when you can work together, the commenter thought.

"Nolan needs to direct an action movie with Tom Cruise," YouTuber Vihanga Deshan wrote under the video.

The comment made fans go crazy. The majority of them were so impressed with the idea of a movie pitched in one short sentence that they couldn't hide their excitement and even offered to start a petition.

Fans also noted that such a collaboration could do what other Tom Cruise roles failed: get the actor his well-deserved Oscar. This decades-long A-lister has never taken home a golden statuette, and that's just wrong!

However, the two perfectionists working together could be too dangerous for humanity and the universe, as some commenters predicted half-jokingly.

"That will create a black hole cuz they might try to create actual dark matter for practical effect," a hilarious comment read.

Their mutual commitment to believable action scenes and unbelievable stunts can be very harmful.

"Maybe the script needs the planet to blow up and they realize that it is easier to actually blow up the planet than to CGI it," one of the commenters wrote referring to the stars always preferring a real thing to CGI.

Fans think that if the two auteurs can overcome potential creative conflicts, the movie would undeniably be brilliant and bring millions of viewers to cinemas. As one commenter wrote,

"That movie would be so real it would be a play because no camera could capture the realness of it."