Fans Have a Perfect Guess on Monsieur Spade's Surprise Cameo

Fans Have a Perfect Guess on Monsieur Spade's Surprise Cameo
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And they better be right!


  • Monsieur Spade is a fresh TV take on the adventures of the famous Detective Sam Spade.
  • The show's fans are expecting a big surprise cameo in the finale.
  • Some fans believe it could be none other than Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito.

The year started off great for fans of neo-noir TV series as Scott Frank and Tom Fontana's new show called Monsieur Spade premiered on Prime. The show is based on a popular detective story by Dashiell Hammet called The Maltese Falcon.

At the center of the story is retired detective Sam Spade, who is now shown settling into retirement somewhere in the South of France. However, it seems that his past will not let him go, and another murder case is waiting for him just around the corner.

Fans have noticed that, while all plot details of the season are yet to be revealed, pretty much every review mentions a guest star cameo (even a number of them) in the season finale. The Hollywood Reporter, for instance, teased “an Emmy-winning actress who appears out of nowhere,” while hinted at “surprising cameos that raise the show’s wow factor considerably.”

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Of course, fans started brainstorming about who it could be. And they have a wild idea.

“Giancarlo Esposito might be considered as a surprise cameo – as an Algerian arms dealer or something or some underground mafia aristocrat,” Redditor Yahko said.

Naturally, it’s nothing but a fan suggestion at this point, but why would people even pitch Esposito for the surprise cameo in Monsieur Spade? The most obvious answer is… it just feels right – and fits right.

Esposito would be the perfect villain in a neo-noir series because of the roles we have already seen him play. Of course, the one that made his career skyrocket was the role of Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

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In these shows he played a cold-blooded, ruthless criminal businessman. After the reputation he gained in these legendary series, he became typecast in similar roles where he plays a cold, calm and calculating kind of baron.

But still, we have yet to guess that Emmy-winning actress, don’t we? Or maybe it’s easier to just wait and see the finale.

If you don't want to miss the surprises Monsieur Spade has in store for us, mark your calendars: the final episode of the season will be released on February 18.

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