Fans Infuriated Over George R.R. Martin Taking Issue With Stan Lee and Marvel

Fans Infuriated Over George R.R. Martin Taking Issue With Stan Lee and Marvel
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It turns out people have some questions for Martin when it comes to, say, 'Game of Thrones' finale fiasco.

Creator of the 'Game of Thrones ' world George R.R. Martin seems to have taken a dig at late Stan Lee, the "father" of the Marvel universe. It seems that Martin doesn't want to be paralleled with Lee, and here's why.

"He had no power, no influence. He wasn't writing any stories. He couldn't say, 'Don't do this character.' He was just a friendly person they brought to conventions and who did cameos. To be sidelined on the world and characters that you created, that would be tough," Martin told The Hollywood Reporter.

The remark, albeit somewhat reasonable (Stan Lee did not enjoy a lot of influence in the MCU, with Kevin Feige being largely responsible for the course of the cinematic universe), has caused a firestorm online.

It would almost seem like Martin could have executed his privilege of having a say in his stories when it came to the 'Game of Thrones' finale, which was blasted by the majority of fans as out-of-canon and borderline disrespectful to the entire story.

"Where were you when Game of thrones fell?

Where were you when they butchered our favorite show?" – @Karthikeya116

A lot of people suggested that Martin should be busy enough finishing his own story than taking issue with how someone else's content is being treated.

"Cancel me if you like for saying this; A mediocre writer keeps talking instead of writing (finishing the books he has promised). His prime show turned into garbage after S5, instead of comparing himself to others' completed works, he should work.." – @mehmetallar

One fan pointed out that the mere comparison of the two authors and their roles in their franchises was not correct.

"Bad comparison. George is the sole creator and perpetuator of his books. Stan is one of many people to create in the marvel universe." – @Time_Tim_

Currently, Martin is working on 'The Winds of Winter', yet another book within 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. It is possible that the novel will come out later in 2022, but Martin has largely been mum about the release date.