Fans Rally For 'The Sandman' to Land Season 2 — Here's What It Could Be About

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Fortunately, there is still plenty of source material to adapt.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Netflix's 'The Sandman', as well as the original comic book series by Neil Gaiman

To say that 'The Sandman' ended with a cliffhanger would be an understatement. With Desire plotting a devious plan against Dream (and clearly not abandoning the idea when Dream finds everything out), and Lucifer mulling revenge, there is surely enough potential story arcs for season 2.

Neil Gaiman's comic books also provide a wide range of storylines to adapt. Since Netflix appeared to have put a lot of effort to follow the lore of the graphic novel, it would be reasonable to suggest that, should the series be renewed for season 2, the creators will once again turn to the source material. Here are some of the storylines they could adapt.

Dream and Nada

First of all, the show could delve into the history of Dream and Nada – the woman from the First People who Morpheus condemned to hell thousands of years ago. We have already met her in season 1, which is why her return would be fair story-wise and in terms of chronology. In the comic books, 'Season of Mists' trade paperback covers the story of Dream rescuing Nada from hell and comes shortly after 'The Doll's House', which was adopted in the series.

In 'Season of Mists' Dream finds out that Lucifer has abandoned his domain. When Lucifer gives Morpheus ownership of Hell along with the key from the realm, Dream discovers himself in the middle of a network of lies, intrigues and threats while many others also seek to be owners of Hell.

The adaptation of this story could also make sense given that at the end of season 1, Lucifer is pondering revenge after Morpheus publicly humiliated her in front of all demons. It would seem that plunging dream into the skirmish over her throne would be one hell of a revenge plan, huh?

Introducing Delirium

Another comic arc that could be adapted in the future is 'Brief Lives' – where Dream's younger sister Delirium reaches out to him to help find their missing brother and former Endless, Destruction. This character has also been referenced in season one, albeit briefly and vaguely. His location is unknown, and the siblings don't seem to be able to get in contact with him like they can with each other via their galleries.

Given that Desire clearly tried to lure Dream into killing his kin, Destruction might be their next target – should Morpheus and Delirium succeed in locating him, of course.

Still, the future of the Netflix adaptation remains unknown. As of now, the streaming giant has not clarified whether it plans to renew the show for another season.

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