Fans React To Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' Rumored Runtime

Fans React To Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' Rumored Runtime
Image credit: Legion-Media

The recent trend of making new blockbuster movies longer and longer doesn't appeal to fans, frustrated by the suggestion of spending a serious chunk of the day watching the disgraced Ezra Miller.

The upcoming Flash movie has been in shambles from the start, with constant delays and shifts in creative direction. And just when things were looking up for the DCEU movie: the release date was officially announced and filming began, Ezra Miller went on that infamous rampage in Hawaii, ruining fans' hope for his DC character.

Even after this terrible incident, Warner Bros. decided to keep the role of Barry Allen for the actor, given the fact that the film had already been shot and a change of lead actor would have delayed production for another couple of years. Having saved their money, studio executives now have to face disappointed fans waiting for harsher measures against Miller.

Since recent test screenings of 'The Flash ' showed that director Andy Muschietti's film failed to wow audiences, it came as a shock to many fans to discover the film's length. Next year, DC afficionados will be forced to spend two and a half hours in Ezra Miller's company.

Some Reddit fans mocked the apparent runtime, wondering how it would be used in the film.

Many Redditors once again reminded DCEU fans about the whole Hawaii affair, trying to guess how to fit it into Flash's story.

Some are discussing the possibility that Ezra Miller will be dropped entirely from the film, making Michael Keaton's Batman the main character in the upcoming story.

'The Flash' will hit theatres on June 23, 2023.