Fans React to 'Moon Knight' Apparently Achieving A Very Unusual MCU Milestone

Image credit: Legion-Media

Disney+ 'Moon Knight' is many things – a dark superhero story, a careful exploration of mental illness, but thanks to the series' attentive fans it apparently just became a first ever Marvel project to drop the F-Bomb.

The historic moment occurred in the second episode of the show, when Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector confronts his alter-ego Steven Grant through a mirror. When Moon Knight's double accuses him of violence, protagonist smashes the mirror screaming "Shut Up!" repeatedly. Some fans distinctly heard an F-Bomb coming from Isaac – explicit language was slightly muffled by the sound of shattering glass.

Of course, that is very debatable – Disney is known for their strict policies concerning strong language. Perhaps, Isaac was pretty close to saying it, and some fans just decided to give it a go, convincing others in the process.

Disney is yet to comment on the whole situation, but it seems like that would be entirely unnecessary.

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