Fans Ready to Drop Elsbeth Because It’s Becoming ‘Too Cringe’

Fans Ready to Drop Elsbeth Because It’s Becoming ‘Too Cringe’
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There’s really one step from love to hate.

Among all the genres that exist today on TV, we can name only a few that keep attracting viewers with its every new show. One of them is definitely a detective drama or any sort of a police drama. But with the recent desire to present everything in dark colors, it seems that CBS’s new show is right what we needed today.

We are talking about Elsbeth, the new spinoff of a popular series The Good Wife, following one of its characters, the goofy Elsbeth Tascioni, brilliantly played by Carrie Preston. She moved to New York to observe her NYPD colleagues at work and maybe catch a criminal or two herself.

Of course, as the genre suggests, she ended up meddling in every possible case herself, immediately realizing who was the criminal and offering her help to detectives and being surprised when they politely (or not) declined the offer.

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This was actually the first thing that started annoying the viewers: the fact that the story is so slow paced that even after resolving several cases Elsbeth still didn’t earn her place among NYPD stuff, or even the much needed respect.

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Another thing about the writing that started driving fans crazy is that it seems the ones responsible for dialogue between characters put too little effort in analyzing their age appropriate slang and misuse the words by trying to make the characters sound younger or older.

For example, take the ball girl from episode 5, the one where Elsbeth and her colleagues investigate the death of a young tennis star. There’s a character named Ashlee, who is actually the ball girl, and her depiction is just facepalming.

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The writers tried to make her absolutely unpleasant using all the cringiest stereotypes about Gen Z. Ashlee was a character whose dialogue was so forced it felt nonconsensual to ears.

“It seems like it’s older writers are trying to sound young. The ball girl was especially cringe,” Redditor TKLAX said.

But it seems that this was a deliberate approach and not a mistake, as in the next episode we see a plastic surgeon portarung the same generation using the same cringeworthy words, making the ‘olds’ really hate it.

Many fans are sick and tired of this ridiculous stuff, and even the charm and general positiveness of Elsbeth may seem not enough to make them continue watching the show if something like that happens again.

Elsbeth is currently airing on CBS.