Fans Slam Netflix’s Avatar For... Getting Rid of Sokka’s Sexism

Fans Slam Netflix’s Avatar For... Getting Rid of Sokka’s Sexism
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The interview that blew up the whole Internet might have its point.


  • Netflix has just premiered a live-action adaptation of The Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Katara’s actress admitted the show toned down Sokka’s sexism.
  • This confession put many Internet users on the warpath, claiming that the creators ruined Sokka’s character arc.

Ever since Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender aired, it’s been the subject of so many discussions and Internet wars, you might think they canceled Superbowl or something. People are livid at the creators for butchering their favorite characters and, apparently, making the live-action adaptation in general.

The biggest problem is that the protagonist, Sokka… is not sexist. Or is he? Let’s find out.

Season 1 of the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender show Sokka overcoming some prejudices and blatant sexism he displays on the show. His character arc is arguably about the way he faces that sexism of his and deals with it, overcoming it after a few episodes.

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It is a little bit one-dimensional, and it’s perfectly understandable; the anime first aired in 2005, when it was still early for men to be called out for sexism using therapy speak. Everything had to be spelled out.

In her interview with EW, Kiawentiio (Katara) noted the over-the-top sexism of the show, calling it “iffy”, and explained they would tone it down. She did not know that interview would raise hell on Earth, with fans attacking the cast and showrunners so much and so viciously that another actor (Ian Ousley) had to step in and defend the show’s choices.

Was it really necessary? Sexism is still present on the show, y’all—it’s just less obvious and more overt and subtle, making women feel like they’re grasping at straws when they try to defend themselves because it seems like there’s nothing to defend themselves against.

The animated series’ Sokka would come outright and say that women can’t fight; Netflix’s Sokka, adapted to today’s modern world, would simply assume that he is just as good at fighting as women who’ve been training their whole lives.

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It is exactly when he gets his ass handed to him and realizes the wrong of his ways.

We believe that the sexism is not removed. It is toned down, indeed, to adapt to the more modern version of it. It’s less about women not being able to do things, and more about women never really comparing to a man, no matter how educated or well-trained or informed they are.

It’s the sexism you feel, rather than hear, and the sexism you have to live with every day, shown perfectly on Netflix.

Source: EW