Fans Think 'Joker' Sequel's Title Hints at This Character Appearance

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Joaquin Phoenix's Joker will return soon enough, and he might be not the only one.

Todd Phillips has announced his 'Joker' landed a sequel with a fancy French-language working title: 'Folie à Deux'.

It translates to English as "madness for two", and fans quickly got an idea about who the sequel could possibly involve.

Madness for two, you say? Because all we heard was "Harley Quinn" – Joker's comic-book girlfriend, and the only person who sometimes proves to be even crazier than the Clown Prince of Crime.

But it doesn't look like everyone is happy about the possibility of introducing Harley Quinn to the universe of Todd Phillips' Joker.

"The idea of a Joker copycat or another person who thinks they're Joker is far more interesting to me than another Harley Quinn," @TheQuiver_ wrote on Twitter.

Others argue that the director has already created an atmosphere that Harley Queen does not seem to fit.

One should bear in mind that 'Folie à Deux' is not necessarily the final version of the title, and may mean a lot of things. There were no additional announcements regarding the cast (except, of course, Joaquin Phoenix).

The working title refers to a mental health condition in which symptoms of a delusional belief, and sometimes hallucinations, are transmitted from one individual to another.

The premiere date of the upcoming 'Joker' sequel remains unknown.

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