Fans Think They Know Who Jason Momoa Plays in DC Now

Fans Think They Know Who Jason Momoa Plays in DC Now
Image credit: Legion-Media

The actor could not have been more obvious.

Thursday was a big day for Jason Momoa and his future in the new James Gunn and Peter Safran-led DCU. At least that's what fans understood when the actor posted a jubilant video to his Instagram stories, teasing "some really good news" and even screaming in a hallway of what appears to be the Warner Bros. office.

"Got some really good news, great news with Warner Bros. Amazing. I wish I could tell you, but here it is. Peter, I love you. James, I love you," Momoa said in the video, looking absolutely thrilled.

While the actor never really elaborated on his "great news," fans immediately put two and two together. Momoa has long called DC's Lobo one of his favorite characters, and his happiness in the video led people to believe that he now gets to play him.

"If he's Lobo, they need to put him in a Superman movie...because it would be stupid to reboot the universe and not START with the Trinity," said Twitter user WallyNox6.

Fans say Lobo is a perfect character for Momoa.

"Lobo is a tough character to pull off in live action, you [really] need someone who looks like Lobo and Momoa is perfect for the role," noted Twitter user MOVIESTVMAD.

However, some people are not eager to join in Momoa's celebration, claiming that he should not be so jubilant after "how cruelly they treated Henry Cavill. DC's former Superman was asked out just weeks after confirming he would return as Man of Steel after his cameo in Dwayne Johnson 's Black Adam.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are in the midst of yet another DCU shake-up, leaving many fans frustrated that many projects have been shelved and many actors and directors have had to step down. Others, however, hope that Safran and Gunn are the right people to help DC finally find its way.

Momoa, for his part, was one of those lucky enough to stay in the DCU, though he reportedly had to say goodbye to Aquaman. The ruler of Atlantis will return to the big screen once more on December 25, 2023.