Fans Wonder Why This Character Was Not Included in Official Look at the Illuminati

Image credit: Legion-Media, Marvel Studios

Can you see us making the Jim Halpert suspicious face?

Marvel has released the first official images of the Illuminati members – Maria Rambeau as Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter as First Avenger, Black Bolt and Mordo. And yes, we too think that a certain someone is definitely missing.

That's right, no official still for John Krasinski's Reed Richards, even though he was also a member of the group that Wanda Maximoff tackled while on the journey to the alternate dimension. The absence of Mr. Fantastic quickly got people thinking that there has to be a reason for that.

One of the most obvious explanations is that Marvel may be on track to make a reboot of 'Fantastic Four' with Krasinski returning as Reed Richards. After all, many fans have suggested that Krasinski's appearance in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' was nothing but a test to see how well the audience receives his take on Mr. Fantastic.

Other people think that, since Krasinski's cameo was one of the most exciting moments in the Doctor Strange sequel, the studio simply wants to keep it a surprise for those who still haven't watched the movie.

Or maybe there is still something we don't know about the Illuminati.

John Krasinski has had a long journey from the fan cast star to, well, the actual star of a Marvel movie. With the studio teasing the possibility of making a 'Fantastic Four' movie at some point, fans keep asking to bring Krasinski back as Reed Richards. Still, Marvel has remained tight-lipped about it – but sometimes the silence itself is quite telling.

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