'Fantastic Four' Leak Explained: Will Bryce Dallas Howard Direct?

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Will the MCU get yet another brilliant director, now that Bryce Dallas Howard got quite familiar with Disney's inner workings?

Rumors that the actress will direct the upcoming MCU blockbuster have been around for quite some time, but a recent leak may put that speculation to rest.

'The Fantastic Four' movie is definitely the most exciting Marvel Studios project in recent memory, with millions of fans waiting for the reveal of actors playing the iconic superheroes and the name of the director who will bring this fabulous story to the big screens. After John Krasinski appeared as Reed Richards in the 'Multiverse of Madness', Marvel fandom fully expected him to lead the team in future MCU films, and Bryce Dallas Howard was mentioned as a possible director for the 'Fantastic Four'.

But now, after a huge leak about the blockbuster production appeared on 4chan (via Reddit), all those expectations have collapsed. According to this scoop, neither Krasinski nor Howard will appear either in front of or behind the camera, and Kevin Feige will be looking for young talent to play the roles of superhero team members. No director has been tapped to direct as of yet, so rumors that Howard is already planning to work on the film have turned out to be completely false.

Many fans were stunned by this revelation, expressing their surprise at how and why Feige plans to recruit actors without a director.

"Casting actors before hiring directors is typically done when the timing of appearances in other projects necessitates it. So unless the FF are appearing in another project in advance of their own solo movie, I fundamentally don't believe they're casting the team before nailing down a director. It's more proper to loop the director into the process." – /0kuslap.

Others are unhappy that Feige decided to hire young actors to play the Fantastic Four, lamenting that this would be the third time 'Fantastic Four' creators make the same mistake.

"Kinda disappointing if this is true. Having Reed in MoM talk about his kids gave me hope we'd see Franklin and Valeria show up. I'd like to see a grown up team and a mature Doom. I don't need another Fant4stic." – /JewMcAfee2020.

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