Few Episodes In, The Buccaneers' Fans Already Picked Their Favorites

Few Episodes In, The Buccaneers' Fans Already Picked Their Favorites
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Let’s see if they change when the season ends.


  • The Buccaneers is an Apple TV Plus romantic period drama based on Edith Wharton's novel of the same name.
  • Due to the similarity in time period and focus on romance, many have compared The Buccaneers to Netflix 's Bridgerton.
  • However, the show has developed an active fandom of its own, captivated by the characters and their storylines.

It's been less than a month since The Buccaneers hit our screens, but viewers already know what they want more of and who they want more of. While it's hard to imagine anything drastic changing in the show's structure, with only 3 episodes left to release, there's still a lot that can change plot-wise.

This is always a possibility with any period drama, let alone a modernized one that is designed in a specific way to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

While there are still few discussions about the show's slight similarity to Netflix's Bridgerton, which usually leads to a long argument about which show twisted the traditional views of the Regency era better, the majority of viewers came to the idea of loving and accepting The Buccannes for what they are. An original show with a completely different purpose.

And a completely different character dynamic! While Bridgerton puts much more emphasis on romance, leaving just a little for the Queen's investigation of Lady Whistledown, The Buccaneers are already deep into intrigue. So who has captured the viewers' attention the most so far?

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The Buccaneers’ Best Characters

According to the r/TheBuccaneers subreddit, two characters who really seem to win the hearts of the audience are Guy and Lizzy. What's interesting is that they're both characterized not by the audacity of their behavior, which seems to be the theme The Buccaneers were trying to play, but by the goodness of their hearts.

Unfortunately for Guy, winning over the audience doesn't really mean getting together with Nan. Although the fifth episode of the season finally brought the two closer than ever, some fans are worried that the chance for their happy ending has already been missed.

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While Nan may have finally figured out her true feelings, Guy caught a solid spark in the scene with Lizzy.

Is it a coincidence that two of the fandom's most beloved characters ended up sharing a tearful and heartfelt moment together? We may never know. However, many believe that this scene may have been the beginning of something more than a friendship between the two.

Whatever happens next on The Buccaneers, the next few episodes leading up to the season one finale promise to be intense and eventful. Tune in to Apple TV Plus on Wednesdays to catch all the new episodes.

Source: Reddit