First 'Batgirl' Test Screenings Just Happened, And Results Are Mixed

First 'Batgirl' Test Screenings Just Happened, And Results Are Mixed
Image credit: Legion-Media

The next big DCEU film has just passed its first test screenings, and despite initial reports that audiences were very happy with what they saw, it looks like things are much more complicated.

HBO Max 's original film about the superhero life of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl is expected to be a brand-new chapter for the DCEU's streaming division, as it is the first major film developed specifically for the streaming platform. With a cast consisting of Leslie Grace, J.K. Simmons, Michael Keaton as Batman and Brandon Fraser as the main villain Firefly, the film seemed destined for success. Initial feedback from test screenings confirmed this assumption, as many insiders shared their enthusiasm for the film. However, one prominent insider decided to debunk these claims, saying that audiences were ambivalent in their opinions.

"Anyone who said BATGIRL got overwhelmingly positive reactions is lying. I've been told by quite a few people that the audience left with mixed reactions and I've talked to people who liked it and people who didn't. But don't worry, this is exactly what test screenings are for." – @bigscreenleaks.

Despite this disappointing news, DC fans do not expect the film to fail, noting that test screenings are being held specifically to fix some mistakes before the proper release.

"Even the people who have said the screenings were mixed have said it's not something to worry about. That's what the screenings are for--to find out what does or doesn't work and adjust accordingly. Some of the criticisms –– like the audiences who are confused by Keaton's Batman –– will be dispelled a bit given this is shown before its preceding movie releases." – /theweepingwarrior.

And even if some of the narrative arcs or CGI effect won't be to everyone's liking, 'Batgirl' still has one major ace up its sleeve – Brandon Fraser, who, as fans put it, is the reason enough to sit through the whole movie however bad it might end up being.

Still, the mixed reaction proved once again that the DCEU is struggling to achieve the success of its biggest counterpart, the MCU, and fans are tired of giving Warner Bros. more chances.

"I've lost almost all of my excitement behind the DCEU. The DCEU has been some decent to great casting but otherwise weak storytelling and now I feel like it's just gonna get even worse as we transition into Keaton and the rest." – /bfoster1801.