First Look at Misha Collins' Harvey Dent Leaves Fans Disappointed

First Look at Misha Collins' Harvey Dent Leaves Fans Disappointed
Image credit: The CW

Even though it does give off a strong Castiel vibe.

The first trailer for 'Gotham Knights ' has certainly not received a warm welcome among fans, but even before the questionable trailer, many people put their hopes in Misha Collins as a possible silver lining for the show.

However, a new trench coat and good old Castiel's voice did not seem to carry the upcoming show out of the dark, and it looks like Collins' Harvey Dent only added up to the pile of disappointment that was the first trailer of 'Gotham Knights'.

Still, some people don't lose hope. For instance, one fan suggested that the striking similarity to Castiel is a sign of major character development of Dent.

Hardcore Misha Collins fans do have something to say to people who are unhappy about Harvey Dent casting.

It is unclear whether Collins' Dent will become Two-Faced at some point in the show, but fans hope that Misha will be able to pull a compelling performance in case his character does turn villain-ish.

'Gotham Knights' will revolve around the journey of Batman 's adopted son, who will have to form an alliance with the children of Bruce Wayne's enemies following his death. According to the trailer, they will end up being a makeshift team of fugutives who will have to protect the city of Gotham without the help of the caped crusader.

The series premieres on The CW on December 1.

Misha Collins' Harvey Dent: Yay or Nay?