First Look at 'Scooby-Doo' Spin-Off 'Velma' Already Seems Too Much

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The spin-off is not aimed at kids, but the adult audience was also stunned by the show's new direction.

'Scooby-Doo' has been many people's comfort story since childhood, and Velma Dinkley, one of Scooby's friends and teammates, was among fan favorites, especially when it came to witty detective decisions. Isn't it sweet when old and beloved characters get a chance to embark on their own journey, bringing us along to sob nostalgically?

Well, looks like someone decided it will be even sweeter when you have violence and partial nudity.

Yes, we are going to have violence, partial nudity and Velma from 'Scooby-Doo' in one TV project by HBO Max, with the upcoming series greenlit for 10 episodes already.

But for many people, the first look at it was just enough for an immediate "nah, I'm good".

While HBO Max pledges that the series will be delving into the "reimagined" version of Velma and her origin story, fans beg to differ.

The show's star and executive producer Mindy Kaling noted that her Velma is South-Asian, adding that "if people freak out about that, I don't care". This small tweak, combined with less-than-kid-friendly concept, seems to have fueled the fire of fan fury.

It's not the rating or the racial diversity people are not okay with – it's the fact that there seems to be nothing new and original in it.

For whoever is still ready to give Kaling's take on Velma a chance, the show about the brains of the Mystery Inc. gang is currently in early development. It will be executive produced by Charlie Grandy and Howard Klein, alongside Kaling herself. The release date has not been unveiled yet.

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