Five amazing K-pop collabs Released in 2022

Five amazing K-pop collabs Released in 2022
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You definitely want to check them out!

As some fans that have been around for a long time might know, the 2nd generation of K-pop was incredibly famous for its collaborative nature. We witnessed many collaborations between artists from the same agency or different entertaining companies and even between girl and boy groups. Unfortunately, the more competitive K-pop industry becomes with each passing year, the less friendly collaborations and creative joined projects we see.

However, even nowadays we have artists who surprise everyone with unexpected alliances, bringing some refreshing atmosphere to the K-pop stage.

Here are five amazing collabs that got everyone's attention in 2022:

Charlie Puth – 'Left And Right' (feat. Jung Kook of BTS )

BTS's Jungkook surprised everyone when his collaboration with an international artist was announced. His charming smile and the way he sings English lyrics blend/match well with Charlie Puth's own cheerful performance. 'Left And Right' is a romantic song with chill vibes, the catchy melody is perfect to listen to over and over again. And a somewhat simple and silly music video is just what we need to take a break from our lives filled with overwhelming news and worries. This song will surely take up every corner of your mind!

Loco & Hwa Sa – 'Somebody!'

It's not the first time these two have collabed, and this time everything is just as amazing as ever. 'Somebody!' was created to make listeners feel good, no doubt. Beautiful low Hwasa's voice and Loco's playful mellow rap will surely bring a smile to your face. Chill and easygoing summer song, enjoyable music video in warm tones – what else do you need? Just put this song while you drive anywhere and enjoy the moment!

OHMYGIRL's Hyojung and Arin, IVE's Wonyoung and Leeseo, CRAVITY's Serim and Jungmo – 'BLUE & BLACK'

If you don't mind that it's actually a sponsored video, the artists from these three K-pop groups did a great job bringing us something refreshing and exciting this year. It's also not often we get a chance to see boy and girl groups making a song together, which makes 'Blue & Black' even more captivating. This song just feels like a party with the most popular kids. It promises its listeners an uplifted mood, and the exciting performance from every artist does a great job of energizing you enough to get up and break into some little dance as well.

KEY – 'Villain' (feat. Jeno of NCT)

The metaphorical award for the most unusual concept in this article goes to these two. 'Villain' is exactly what a creative collaboration should be about! Key and Jeno showed us extraordinary visuals in a mystic setting, creating a feeling of watching a superhero movie on a big screen – only here a villain becomes the main hero. The mischievous lyrics of this song describe someone who doesn't conform to the given script. Unique melody and beats that create a soundtrack-like song will definitely make you feel like a badass wanting to take over the world.

PSY – 'That That' (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS)

Show us anyone who didn't listen to this song at least once this year. Celebrating the end of COVID-19 pandemic limitations in Korea, PSY released another MV with a huge crowd involved. It is even more surprising to see BTS's Suga join him to create such a feel-good atmosphere (he was even convinced to participate in a flashmob dance!). Even though the concept of a movie in the Western genre is supposed to have two people confronting each other, in 'That That' two worldwide known producers join forces instead. Together, their positive energy and chemistry are off the charts.

These collaborations might be the best thing that happened this year. Fans think that more artists should be able to freely collaborate and express their musicality like the examples above.