‘Flash’ Renewed For Season 9, But Fans Would Rather It To End

Image credit: Legion-Media

The CW series about the fastest superhero on Earth was launched back in 2014, with Grant Gustin portraying Barry Allen.

It’s official: Flash will return for another season, marking the ninth season of the speedster’s story.

The CW network has renewed the show for yet another season along with shows like ‘Riverdale’, ‘Walker’, ‘All American’ and ‘Kung Fu’. However, not every Flash fan appeared to be happy about the news.

It seems like even hardcore fans aren’t that fond of the show anymore.

Some have even suggested that the cast itself did not want the show to be renewed.

Not everyone is that grumpy, though. Some people are still waiting for Barry Allen to come back to the screens.

The CW is bracing for a busy 2022-23 TV season: aside from the renewed shows like ‘The Flash’ and others, the network will welcome new projects like ‘Gotham Knights’, ‘The Winchesters’ and ‘Powerpuff’.

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