Forget about Vhagar: Cannibal is The Dragon Everyone's Been Waiting For

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At this point, people just want more dragons in 'House of the Dragon'.

Yes, Vhagar is the biggest living dragon in Westeros, and it's only natural for fans to be excited to finally see her, but it seems that the real dragon menace has been largely in the shadows.

The dragon named Cannibal appears to stir even more excitement among fans, as he is the second largest living dragon in the realm and boasts a look very similar to Balerion, the biggest known fire-breather who died during King Aegon's Conquest. Black and menacing, cunning green eyes glowing with hunger, Cannibal would be a spectacular addition to the already great 'House of the Dragon' roster.

Unlike Vhagar, who has a rider, Cannibal is one of the wild, untamed dragons, along with Sheepstealer and Grey Ghost. His sinister name does have a reason behind it, as he would feast on dead dragons or even dragon eggs and dragon newborns. However, Cannibal never shied away from subjecting his potential tamers to the same fate, as his lair is littered with their bones.

Among the wild dragons, Cannibal is the oldest and the largest one. He is known to be quite antagonistic towards the Targaryen dragons. It is also interesting to know that Cannibal was one of the few dragons to have survived the Dance of the Dragons, even though he vanished after the war.

No man in Westeros is known to have ridden this wild dragon – which makes his potential appearance in the show even more exciting, as he might be a menace to absolutely anyone no matter their affiliation or intentions.

'House of the Dragons' has introduced four dragons as of now: Caraxes, Syrax, Seasmoke, and Meleys. The show is streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving every Sunday.

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