Forget House of Cards, Here Are 10 Best Political Dramas of All Time

Forget House of Cards, Here Are 10 Best Political Dramas of All Time
Image credit: Netflix, EuropaCorp

While real politics is a little too boring to interest most people, who usually only care about presidential elections and do not even try to understand local ones, fictional politics is actually the complete opposite. Ever since Hollywood became a thing, directors have been making movies about politicians, journalists, and spies, and audiences have loved this political subgenre to death.

And while Netflix 's "House of Cards" is widely considered to be the best political drama of all time, some major critics argue that while the Kevin Spacey-led series is definitely a good one, some other movies have captured the lives and struggles of politicians and their aides far better.

Here are the 10 best political dramas of all time:

While compiling this list, we decided to include only the most realistic political dramas, preferring to exclude movies that don't feel believable, as the job of politicians is already shrouded in mystery for fans to waste their time watching something that has no real substance.

And don't expect the above movies to change your mind about politicians and their problematic moments, as the realism with which the screenwriters portrayed their characters made many of them unlikable.

If you liked "House of Cards," you will definitely love these 10 political dramas!