Forget Jaws, These Are 15 Most Terrifying Killer Shark Movies

Forget Jaws, These Are 15 Most Terrifying Killer Shark Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media, Columbia Pictures

The Jaws movie was the worst PR campaign for sharks. Sure, they are vicious predators, but they're not as dangerous as, say, moose, at least for those who live in northern parts of the world.

While this movie was bad for the perception of sharks in the media, it was great for the entertainment industry which decided to further dunk on sharks' reputation by making even more disaster movies with them as perpetrators.

How about we list cute facts about sharks here? We believe that sharks' slander is completely undeserved because the odds of actually being attacked by one is nearly 1 in 3,5 million, yet they are considered one of the main animals that prefer to feed off humans in the media.

Thankfully, some of the filmmakers realize the ridiculousness of having a regular shark as a threat and instead create monsters based on them that are so weird they become fun. Sharknado is a prime example of taking the least serious approach to the killer shark trope by making it so ridiculous it becomes entertaining.

But those who opt for a realistic way of depicting interactions with sharks get much more thrilling results, like in The Shallows.