Forget Shogun, Netflix Dropped a New Ninja Show with a 100% Tomatometer

Forget Shogun, Netflix Dropped a New Ninja Show with a 100% Tomatometer
Image credit: FX, Netflix

Unlike Shogun, it’s still maintaining its perfect 100% Tomatometer score.


  • Hulu and FX’s TV show Shogun became an instant success, bringing Medieval Japan back into fashion.
  • Earlier this year, Netflix released House of Ninjas, a TV show following the last surviving shinobi clan.
  • Like Shogun at the start of its run, House of Ninjas has a 100% Tomatometer, making it a must-watch for the latter’s fans.

Samurais and shinobis are back on the rise, people. Not too long ago, Hulu and FX released Shogun — the “new Game of Thrones ” set in Medieval Japan, and the show immediately blew off the charts. But it’s not the only one: in 2024, Netflix released another Japanese-themes TV show that’ll scratch that itch you’re having while waiting for the Shogun finale.

Enter: House of Ninjas from Netflix

Netflix’s House of Ninjas can be seen as a half-fictional what-if building upon the basis laid out in Shogun. You see, this series follows a shinobi clan in modern-day Japan — and yes, shinobi are still around in its setting, though not nearly as prevalent. House of Ninjas muses on the thought of their surviving the change of eras.

Six years ago, the son of the Tawara family, the last shinobi clan in the modern days, was killed on a mission, and the Tawaras decided to abandon their craft. For the last few years, they struggled to become a normal family — but when a new crisis struck, they had to pick up their weapons and get back into the fight before it was too late.

House of Ninjas Has a Stellar Score

Unlike Shogun, House of Ninjas is still maintaining its picture-perfect Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score of 100% against the former’s 99%. The viewers also received it well, giving the Netflix series a solid 89% Audience Score against Shogun’s 92%. On IMDb, there is quite a gap between the two TV shows, though, as while Shogun sits on an unmatched 9.1, House of Ninjas has a less spectacular 7.2 IMDb score.

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House of Ninjas premiered on Netflix on February 15, 2024, and hasn’t received nearly enough attention from the public. If you love Shogun and the Japanese culture in general, you should definitely give it a go. There can never be too many samurais and shinobis in one’s life, and House of Ninjas is a great way to crank that number to eleven.