Forget Succession, Netflix Drops Its Perfect Replacement in May

Forget Succession, Netflix Drops Its Perfect Replacement in May
Image credit: Netflix, HBO

Ready to dive into another big picture drama?

Sometimes you love a show so much you’d rather rewatch it 10 times than start a new one. And it’s easy to understand the logic of such behavior: it just feels so safe to binge something you know you wouldn’t be disappointed.

However, we think that while binging your favorite things is good, it’s also not that bad to choose new shows for a night watch, especially when they are totally in the genre you would like.

For example, all the Succession fans will sleep well now that they are about to find out that the new series with somewhat similar premise will drop on Netflix soon. A Man in Full will drop on the streaming platform this May.

The first trailer of the series was already released and it left quite an impression on those who have seen it. A Man in Full is Netflix’s new drama series based on Tom Wolfe's bestselling novel.

The show revolves around the main character, a real estate tycoon Charles Croker, who faces an unexpected bankruptcy and tries to defend his kingdom. He has a lot of enemies, so the fight is going to be quite tough.

But if you think that if Croker, played by Jeff Daniels, is a protagonist of the show then he might be a lovable guy. But in reality it’s not like that. He is a rude and rough man who will get whatever he wants.

The series takes a deep look at a life that is about to fall apart, but manages to stay afloat. Along with Charles, there's his ex-wife, who should never be left out of the picture, and his new second wife, who is quite demanding and a real troublemaker as well.

The fans of the novel are happy with the cast choice and are really looking forward to seeing this Succession-esque drama miniseries on the platform. They especially appreciated that Emmy-winning Jeff Daniels will appear in this multidimensional role of a real-estate tycoon.

A Man In Full premieres on Netflix on May 2.