"Forgettable Mess": Fans Are Disappointed With 'She-Hulk' Despite CGI Fix

Image credit: Legion-Media, Disney+

We might like She-Hulk when she's angry, but do we like Marvel fans when they're angry?

Marvel has appeared to have listened to the fans' outcry regarding the CGI in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' and proceeded to fix the visual effects a bit in a new version of the first trailer posted on Disney Plus. In it, the studio added some skin texture, improved the hair look and decreased the level of saturation that irked many people.

Still, they are not too pleased with the tweaks, because it seems that the problem was not about skin texture at all. Fans have argued that it is the whole body model that needs to be changed, and the current version of She-Hulk still looks "unfinished" despite the fix.

People demand She-Hulk to be more muscular and jacked – not more skin gloss.

The current version of Tatiana Maslany 's character looks more like a "forgettable mess", according to some fans, and a lot of people have already given up their hopes for the series.

Besides, fans fear that the only bits that were "fixed" were in the trailer, and the rest of the footage remains a saturated cartoonish green mess.

That we will only find out on August 17, when 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' premieres on Disney Plus.