Forgotten R-Rated One-Night Stand Comedy Gem Lands on Netflix Soon

Forgotten R-Rated One-Night Stand Comedy Gem Lands on Netflix Soon
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Don’t miss the witty, but touching movie about a trick of fate.


  • Netflix is going to add the 2007 romantic comedy, featuring the unexpected consequences of a one-night stand.
  • It mixes brilliant acting, excellent humor and well-written character development.

Nowadays people tend to be starving for the good old, even guilty-pleasure kind of comedy, given the filmmakers’ inclination to focus more on action and thriller movies. Luckily, streaming platforms can satisfy viewers’ need to dive into the nostalgia for the comedies of the 2000s, with this R-rated 2007 hit coming on Netflix in April.

It opens by introducing the main characters who seemingly have nothing in common. Alison, being a hard-working professional journalist, receives an anticipated promotion, while Ben, a carefree slacker, continues to live off his injury compensation funds. They weren’t meant to meet ever in their lives, however, the one day changes the whole game.

They accidentally meet at the club and then have a drunken one-night stand, which leads to Alison’s unintended pregnancy. There starts the very interesting part - she, despite her career progress and a number of life aspirations, decides to keep the baby, and Ben, surprisingly, offers his help, remaining unsure whether he wants to be a father.

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The main characters, convincingly portrayed by the acclaimed Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen, undergo personality development on their way to parenthood together.

Without going much into spoilers, be sure that the movie’s finale will surprise in the sense of how mature and united the onscreen duo becomes. Quite a surprisingly touching love line is present here too, unveiling the unexpected aspects of Heigl and Rogen’s characters.

Fans can recognize here the synopsis of Judd Apatow’s romantic comedy titled Knocked Out, which was a massive back-then critical and commercial success, grossing $219 million worldwide with a budget of $25 million.

The experienced comedy filmmaker, famous for making The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and The King of Staten Island (2020), successfully managed to arrange humor, and romance in their perfectly timed places.

The movie can now be criticized for the plot’s simplification considering the very idea of a career woman deciding to raise a baby with an unfamiliar slacker.

“Throwing your life away to have the baby of a one night stand is so cringe,” admits Redditor @entrepeneur888.

However, it’s quite a curious truth that the film is largely based on Apatow and his wife, the actress Leslie Mann’s personal experience during the birth of their first daughter, Maude Apatow, who is now known as the star of HBO’s Euphoria.

Knocked Out will be available on Netflix on April 16.