From 'Euphoria' to MCU: Sydney Sweeney Reveals How She Prepared For 'Madame Web'

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After portraying Cassie in mega-hit teenage drama 'Euphoria', Sydney Sweeney enjoys a spike in popularity – and getting some pretty awesome new gigs.

Sydney Sweeney finally broke silence on her upcoming role in Sony's 'Madame Web' movie. And even though she remained mum about the character she is expected to portray, it seems the actress really had to dive into the world of comic books to prepare for the gig.

"I've been ordering a bunch of comic books. There's a lot to learn. I've always been a really big fan of all of the Marvel and Sony Universe movies. I've grown up watching them all, and I've been engulfed in the entire world my entire life, so being able to be a part of that is such an incredible, incredible thing," Sweeney told Variety.

She did not reveal any titles, though. But she left some other clues.

Sweeney said she plans to "shock" people by playing challenging and unexpected character.

With her character remaining a Jane Doe for now, fans are weeping about how Sweeney would be a perfect Gwen Stacy – the actress is one of favorites when it comes to fan-casting Spider-Man's blonde girlfriend.

Extent to which 'Madame Web' will be tied to MCU is unknown, but many people are starting to get desperate in advance.

One may love Sweeney's performance in 'Euphoria', but you can also remember her from the 'White Lotus' mini-series by HBO. Now, the actress is about to enter the world of superhero movies – and she will definitely come prepared. As of now, the latest Sony project is still in development, with release date not yet announced.

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