From Outcast to Overhyped: Why Does Everyone Suddenly Love Slytherin?

From Outcast to Overhyped: Why Does Everyone Suddenly Love Slytherin?
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Green is the new black, huh?

Every Harry Potter fan remembers how exciting it was to see Harry entering the Hogwarts castle for the first time, about to find out which one of the four magical houses he belongs to: Gryffindor (wow wow wow!), Ravenclaw (ooh, edgy), Hufflepuff (alright), or... Slytherin (oh no, NOT Slytherin!).

The way Harry himself hated the very idea of getting sorted into Slytherin (and even transferred this fear to some of his children) quickly turned many fans against the snake house.

Slytherin means evil, everybody knew that. Voldemort was from Slytherin; Draco Malfoy was from Slytherin; Merlin, practically every single villain in the series comes from Slytherin!

The house was a synonym for all things wicked for a long time — only for it to become "a vibe" these days. Seriously, when Hogwarts Legacy came out, too many people were obsessed with playing for Slytherin exclusively; and don't even get us started about all those viral "pov: you're at a slytherin party" videos.

These days, too many people want to be a Slytherin, preferring the emerald green aesthetics to bright red and yellow Gryffindor colors, even though the latter is the house the main characters come from.

What happened?

Well, according to Redditors, it all comes from re-evaluating Slytherin over time. After all, the house was a scapegoat for so many bad things that now, everyone who identifies as Slytherin feels the need to defend it.

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Another reason might be the general trend to root for bad guys. After all, Tom Felton 's Draco Malfoy was a complex and enigmatic character, and it's hard not to feel for him.

Besides, the general agreement that "Slytherin is evil" holds no water as well, because not every villain was from the snake house. It's important to remember that one of the series' worst characters, Peter Pettigrew (the one who betrayed the trust of the Potters), was from Gryffindor.

Meanwhile, Severus Snape, who acted in the name of love and was Dumbledore's faithful servant all along, was a true Slytherin. So maybe don't rush with the labels, huh?

"Slytherins are the ones who reach for the stars and actually touch them - we just have a stronger tendency to fall along the way," Redditor HopingToWriteWell77, who identifies as a Slytherin, noted.

We couldn't say it better.

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