From Toy Story to Back to the Future: Movies That Didn't End Up The Way It Was Planned

From Toy Story to Back to the Future: Movies That Didn't End Up The Way It Was Planned
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We don't even want to imagine not having Woody and Buzz Lightyear's iconic friendship.

As we watch and re-watch beloved masterpieces, we can't imagine that some of them were intended to have a completely different plot or ending.

The making of a movie is not an easy process, and there may be factors that can have an impact on the direction of the movie.

Sometimes, creative choices made by the director or production challenges can cause the film to deviate from what was originally envisioned. Here are the iconic films that took surprising turns and didn't end the way they were meant to.

1. Back to the Future

In the original version of the script, Marty McFly's journey back to the '50s in the first part of Back to the Future was to take place through his refrigerator instead of the iconic DeLorean.

While the concept of a time-traveling refrigerator had its comedic appeal, it was deemed inappropriate for a family film.

Although modern refrigerators are designed with safety features that allow people trapped inside to open the door from the inside, the problem of suffocation in refrigerators was a major concern back in the '90s.

Introducing the possibility of time travel through such a killing machine would have introduced further complications. It might have even stopped the production of the next installments. That's not something we would like to happen.

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2. Toy Story

From its original conception, the popular story of Andy's toys that we cherish today is quite different. In earlier versions of the script, the well-known GI Joe and Barbie dolls were to play prominent roles.

However, as the idea evolved, the focus of the story gradually shifted to the remarkable relationship between the cowboy Woody and the spaceman Buzz Lightyear.

This shift ultimately created the unforgettable and ionic bond between the characters that has endured across decades and four film installments.

3. Spider-Man

Long before Sam Raimi took the director's chair for the Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, James Cameron was about to be the one in charge.

Cameron had even developed part of a script, which was leaked years after the film's release, revealing a darker tone to the Peter Parker story and a more mature audience target.

His version pitted Peter Parker against his formidable nemesis Electro, who we would eventually see in another adaptation, but already with Andrew Garfield as the beloved Spidey.

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4. Don't Worry Darling

In the movie, Florence Pugh 's character, Alice, finds out that her husband has faked her death and trapped the two of them in a simulated reality, and after she kills him, she manages to escape.

In the original script, however, Alice does not succeed in escaping and is forced to return. Despite trying to convince others that the Victory Project is an artificial world, she finds herself locked up in the simulation's psychiatric facility.

Her friend Bunny then reveals to her that there is an escape portal in the hospital leading Alice the way out of virtual reality.

Actually, nothing much changes in the movie, as Alice still manages to escape from the Victory Project, only the fact that the audience would have to sit through the movie for a longer period of time.

5. Scream

The Scream franchise is known for creating several variations of the script in order to keep the plot and Ghostface from being leaked too early.

However, this plot twist was meant to be deadly serious.