Game Of Thrones Notorious Finale Only Makes Sense If Bran Stark Was Possessed

Game Of Thrones Notorious Finale Only Makes Sense If Bran Stark Was Possessed
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There’s only one thing that would make the Game of Thrones finale make sense, and surprisingly, it makes a lot of sense in itself. Look, if Bran was evil…


  • Game of Thrones ' incoherent finale left most fans frustrated and yearning for a proper ending.
  • With Bran’s abilities, he could easily manipulate people and events to become the king.
  • By adding this little twist, everything that went down in the final season of GoT suddenly makes sense, including many characters’ weird behavior.

If that whole “Bran the Broken” ordeal didn’t work for you, don’t worry: there are millions of us, and we were all unhappy with it. But what if we told you that one small assumption fixes everything that’s wrong and ridiculous about the original Game of Thrones ending and it all suddenly starts making perfect, though sinister, sense?

Bran Stark Wasn’t Who He Pretended To Be

Let’s quickly recall some facts, shall we?

When he’s offered the Lordship of Winterfell, Bran claims that first, he can’t be lord of anything anymore after becoming the Three-Eyed Raven, and second, that he’s not even Bran Stark anymore. But as soon as it comes to becoming the King of the Seven Kingdoms, he yeets both those “policies” out of the window immediately.

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Bran’s reactions are worth mentioning, too.

When Jon apologizes for not being there for him, Bran coldly replies, “You were exactly where you needed to be.” When offered the King’s crown, he retorts, “Why do you think I came all this way?” Neither of these events are a surprise for him, and Bran acts like everything played out exactly the way he predicted… Or intended.

So who was Bran, really?

Bran Stark Was A Sinister Shadow Power

Thanks to his warging abilities and the other gifts bestowed upon him by the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran was capable of seeing into the past, present, and future — and also, of possessing other creatures and guiding their actions. Such power could easily allow him to manipulate and even force the outcomes he wished to achieve.

This falls perfectly in line with Bran’s behavior in the finale and his cold, slightly amused interactions with the others: he’d manipulated them and guided every important actor to work toward his reaching the ultimate power. But who was he?

There are three theories, and either of them works just fine.

Bran could be the Three-Eyed Raven. Not the guy with the Raven’s ability, but literally the mystical entity in Bran Stark’s body. Similarly, Bran could be the Night King: when the two touched in the vision, the latter could take over his enemy’s body.

Finally, he could be his good old self, just much more powerful and insidious than he was a young boy — and striving for power.

There’s a video with the alternative ending of Game of Thrones that supports this theory, and in our book, it’s superior to the original finale in every way.

Do you agree?