Game of Thrones Star Auditioned For The Crow Reboot – And Bested Bill Skarsgård

Game of Thrones Star Auditioned For The Crow Reboot – And Bested Bill Skarsgård
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Khal Drogo would be horrifyingly good in this role.


  • As The Crow new version is about to be released this year, it turns out that Jason Momoa, who portrayed Khal Drogo in the fan-favorite series Game of Thrones, could potentially substitute Bill Skarsgård in the leading role.
  • Momoa made an impressive test footage for the film back in 2018, but dropped out of the project alongside potential director Corin Hardy.
  • So far The Crow isn’t expected to beat the original film, but everything can change when Skarsgård’s full performance scale is demonstrated to the viewers.

While The Crow reboot is not receiving much of a delight from fans and even the original film’s director before even being released, some never-heard-before details about its production may make some people get even more disappointed.

It seems to be confirmed now that back in 2016, when the film crew was looking for the ideal actor that will portray a revengeful character, it was Jason Momoa that made the biggest impression having shot test footage with then director Corin Hardy.

Eventually Hardy quit the production after some major disagreements with those who owned the rights for the film and it probably was one of the reasons Momoa never got to play in The Crow.

Though there were also some other issues — Bill Skarsgård, who did land Eric Draven’s role, was considered to fit physically much better than big and muscled Jason Momoa (in case when the new film is compared to the original one with Brandon Lee in the leading role).

Later Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa confessed that saying goodbye to The Crow was a hard decision for both of them — with Hardy’s never-happening wish to bring the reboot to the screen and Momoa’s crush of a longtime dream to play the iconic role.

Though Skarsgård and Momoa weren’t the only challengers that were seriously considered for the leading role — since the project started in 2014 the creators were also keeping in mind Jack Huston and Nicholas Hoult, then prioritized Jason Momoa’s candidacy and, when the things didn’t go that well for Momoa and Hardy, cast Skarsgård.

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Despite everyone’s mixed feelings about the upcoming reboot (the trailer for which got almost literally flooded with critics), there’s still a high chance that most of the skeptics will change their mind.

Given how well Skarsgård performed back in the years in It movies, he may also bring the character’s outstanding features to light in a new way — probably what Momoa couldn’t have done.