Gary Oldman Improvised Sirius Black's Most Powerful Scene in Harry Potter

Gary Oldman Improvised Sirius Black's Most Powerful Scene in Harry Potter
Image credit: Warner Bros.

This scene was perhaps also one of the most satisfying to watch.

It's hard to argue that Gary Oldman did an impeccable job when portraying Sirius Black in Harry Potter. Given that many diehard Oldman fans didn't even recognize him in the role, it's just another seal of approval for one of the Marauders.

Turns out, Oldman's input for the Sirius Black part was much bigger than we thought. For someone who admitted he only accepted the gig for the money, the iconic British actor seems quite passionate about the wizarding world!

Remember the scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Sirius arrives out of the blue to help Harry and the Dumbledore's Army in the Department of Secrets?

When Lucius Malfoy thinks he has his hands all over the prophecy, Black shows up just on time to punch him in the face and kick off an epic fight between the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix.

Turns out, this scene was completely improvised by Gary Oldman!

"I just love to try one," Oldman is heard saying in one of the behind-the-scenes videos for The Order of the Phoenix, while Jason Isaacs, who portrays Lucius, is right next to him. "Where I walk straight up to [Isaacs], he turns, and he has this look of a slight surprise on his face, and I deck him!"

His idea is met by an excited "Let's do it now!", so the scene goes on exactly the way we see it in the final cut, as Sirius appears behind Lucius, tells him to "get away from [his] godson," and, well, decks him.

The behind-the-scenes footage also proves how fondly Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter star, looked up on Oldman as the two worked together. Radcliffe has admitted he was initially terrified of Oldman, trying to "be cool" and being generally intimidated by the presence of such an iconic actor.

However, Gary was more than welcoming, both as a person and an actor, so the two bonded over time and turned into a legendary on-screen and off-screen duo.