General Hospital’s Drew Needs to Back off Nina and Take Accountability

General Hospital’s Drew Needs to Back off Nina and Take Accountability
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It’s time to grow up.


  • General Hospital is an ABC soap opera that follows the lives of the residents of Porth Charles.
  • The show has focused heavily on the drama between Carly, Drew, Nina and Sonny for the past year.
  • More and more viewers are taking Nina's side and getting annoyed with Drew's motives to hunt her down.

While there is something comforting about soaps' tendency to reuse the same storylines, clichés, and characters from time to time, they can also fall into the trap of becoming repetitive and boring. Many General Hospital viewers believe that this is already the case with their favorite show.

In the beginning, the drama between Sonny, Carly, Drew and Nina made sense and didn't make viewers roll their eyes every time they appeared on the screen. However, the longer the show dragged on, the more annoyed the viewers became as it seemed to follow all the previously explored scenarios.

Now that Nina has taken more than her share of hits, such as being fired from Crimson and getting divorce papers from Sonny, and Carly has managed to get out of yet another drama unscathed, people think that Drew's whining about the whole situation is nothing but annoying. Especially since he's the one to blame.

General Hospital Drew and Nina Conflict, Explained

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If you missed the build-up of the drama between Nina and Drew and now feel a bit lost about him seeking revenge, do not worry. Even those who have been following the show do not understand his motives.

Drew fired Nina from Crimson because she betrayed him and Carly to the SEC earlier. And even though Carly decided to forgive her for snitching, her boyfriend didn't share the good intentions and decided to make her life a living hell. While the outrage is somewhat understandable, viewers are left wondering what makes Drew so fixated on Nina.

Not only was Drew the one who committed the actual crime, he was also the one who decided to honorably take the fall for Carly. However, every bit of his honor is now hanging by a thread, considering how hostile he is towards Nina.

While some fans want the story to take an unexpected turn and turn the hatred into passion, others really want nothing more than for it to end. The problem is, with the way Drew is acting, there's no safe way out for Nina. Knowing General Hospital's tendency to throw the worst challenges her way, many are wondering what Drew can actually do to get his revenge.

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The only thing that could save Nina is a change in head writers. It was announced that the episodes written under the direction of Elizabeth Korte and Patrick Mulcahey will start airing in March, so to see how this will affect the ongoing Port Charles drama, tune in to ABC Monday through Friday for new General Hospital episodes.