George Mackay Will Replace Ezra Miller as Flash, According to Rumor

George Mackay Will Replace Ezra Miller as Flash, According to Rumor
Image credit: Legion-Media

Ever since Ezra Miller got involved in a series of scandals, fans have been wondering who will take over his role as Barry Allen/The Flash in future DCEU projects.

Ezra Miller 's further involvement in the DCEU projects is undecided at the moment, with rumors suggesting Warner Bros. will want to get rid of the actor after finally premiering 'The Flash '. Massive reshoots following potential actor replacement are out of the question; the studio clearly cannot afford another financial disaster at the moment, so Warner Bros. execs made a decision in favor of a theatrical release, despite all the controversy.

According to the most recent rumor, there's a potential replacement candidate to take over Ezra Miller's part already. British actor George Mackay, who is just a year older than Ezra Miller, is the main candidate to play The Flash, riding the success of Sam Mendes' war drama '1917' and Justin Kurzel's 'True History of the Kelly Gang'. The rumor suggests that Warner Bros. is going to come through with the replacement option rather than making Wally West the main Flash in future DCEU movies.

George Mackay is not the only one the studio considers for the role of Barry Allen: Timothée Chalamet and Dylan O'Brien are also in the running, although Mackay's chances to get the job are higher at the moment, according to rumors.

DCEU fans have questioned the accuracy of the new rumor, noting the fact that the studio is in no hurry to make a decision about potential Ezra Miller replacement. 'The Flash' doesn't come out for another nine months, and logically Warner Bros. has to check how the movie performs in theaters first and then work out a new kind of a deal for a new actor. Besides, there's also a question of publicity: Warner Bros. would want the focus on the upcoming movie, not another chapter of Ezra Miller-centric controversy shifting focus towards recasting.

"Ezra is 100% out, but there's no way in hell they're going to recast before the movie comes out. They want the focus on the movie, not on the next guy to play the role. It's the same reason James Bond isn't recast until after the current actor's final Bond movie comes out – you want coverage on the movie that's coming out, not on what comes after." – /SplendidAndVile

'The Flash' is scheduled to premiere on June 23, 2023.