Giancarlo Esposito Rumored To Join MCU, And Reddit Suspects A Pretty Juicy Mutant Role

Giancarlo Esposito Rumored To Join MCU, And Reddit Suspects A Pretty Juicy Mutant Role
Image credit: Legion-Media

'Breaking Bad' and 'The Boys' star is set to appear in the superhero franchise, and given his pedigree, people expect him to portray a villain.

Giancarlo Esposito has had a big career since his landmark role on the AMC series 'Breaking Bad ', frequently appearing in numerous high-stakes productions portraying cold-blooded villains. And now it looks like Kevin Feige is finally ready to bring the actor into the MCU, and it looks like the role being discussed won't be a small one. As one well-known insider tweeted, Esposito is in talks with Marvel Studios management to star in an undisclosed role in the near future, and fans are just dying to know what comic book character Esposito will embody.

Of course, the most sensible option for Esposito is another role as a folded but very dangerous villain, with names like Doctor Doom being often mentioned. But what if, fans ask themselves, Esposito played the good guy role for a change, and that's how one rather important mutant enters the conversation.

"Additionally, Doom and Magneto are much more bombastic, grand characters (especially the former). The more understated sinisterness in Esposito's performances doesn't really fit well with either, but it feels absolutely perfect for Xavier." – /idClip42.

Bringing a darker side to Xavier's character with Esposito's cold demeanor would have been a great way to develop the character further than before. However, some fans also mention Magneto's role for Esposito, and here many draw the line, citing Magneto's origin story as a reason why Esposito should not play the role of this powerful villain.

"IMO, race swapping does not matter at all unless their race is important to their character. Magneto's Jewish history is crucial to his story and character. Same way Black Panther/T'Challa has to be a dark skinned black man." – /DaHyro.