GoT Fans Pick An Unexpected House As Their Favorite, And It's Not Targaryen

GoT Fans Pick An Unexpected House As Their Favorite, And It's Not Targaryen
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Many have long debated the folly or bravery of the Starks, the greed of the Lannisters, and the royal power of the Targaryens.

But it turns out that viewers are drawn not only to direwolves and dragons, but also to the generosity and intelligence of the rulers of the great families of Westeros.

The show is all about complex characters, exciting moments, and intriguing storylines. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is the Houses.

Whether it's their unique sigil, their memorable members, or their epic battles, each House has something special that attracts us to them.

The absolute winner of the Reddit thread is House Tyrell, the ruling family of the Reach. They are known for their wealth, influence, and political savvy. The house is a powerful force in Westeros.

Fans note that the Tyrells are the perfect mix between the Lannisters and the Starks. They are quite wealthy, have a large army and fertile lands.

Their house does not have the same sinister intentions as the Lions, but neither are they as foolish as the Wolves, who value honesty over cunning in George Martin 's cruel world.

In the series, this house has managed to hold its own in the war for quite some time. However, no one can stand against the power of the dragons.

Margaery Tyrell and her wily grandmother have succeeded in ruling not only the family with the stupid father, but almost the entire kingdom.

They pulled the strings that ended Joffrey's reign and enthroned a controlled Tommen. And only an accident with the High Sparrow and mythical creatures returning to conquer Westeros stopped their ambitions.

Some also pointed to the Martells or Mormonts, both remembered for their famous representatives.

House Martell is also known for its stubborn independence, love of wine, and Prince Oberyn, whose quick wit and deadly fighting skills make him a standout character (thanks, Pedro Pascal ).

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Meanwhile, little Lady Lyanna Mormont became a fan favorite as soon as she was introduced. Her fierce determination and unflappable attitude have made her a true Westerosi hero.

Fans of the show admire not only strength or a crown, but also political ambition.

The Tyrells have earned a special place in the hearts of viewers for amassing vast lands and castles without committing terrible deeds or starting unnecessary wars.

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