Gotham Knights Shares The Winchesters Fate as the CW Keeps Offing Shows after S1

Gotham Knights Shares The Winchesters Fate as the CW Keeps Offing Shows after S1
Image credit: The CW

The CW is on a rampage: the channel’s already canceled quite a few shows this season, including The Winchesters, and now Gotham Knights has joined the rest

It seems like the CW is taking its schedule all too seriously this season: after the news of multiple canceled shows, the channel strikes down yet another freshman series, Gotham Knights, right before its first season’s finale on June 27.

The last episode of Gotham Knights S1 will also turn out to be the last one in general.

Gotham Knights is a DC Comics-inspired show following the events after Bruce Wayne’s death. With Batman gone and his adopted son framed for the murder, a team of young heroes (or antiheroes) assembles from other people who were affected by the passing of the Dark Knight in some way.

In their quest to uncover the truth behind Bruce Wayne’s murder, the team is trying to find any evidence that could clear their names and shed light on the real killer. In the next episode of Gotham Knights, they will finally find such evidence, but it doesn’t seem that we as the audience will learn much as it’s the penultimate episode.

Whatever it is that Gotham Knights are going to find won’t lead to much: most likely, the last episode will end with a shocking revelation that won’t get far as the next season is never coming.

Unless, of course, Gotham Knights manage to find a new home, but so far, we haven’t heard of the show’s creators attempting to do so.

Unlike The Winchesters, Gotham Knights, and a few other series that the CW slayed early on, two shows have been confirmed for renewal: Superman & Lois and All American: Homecoming. At least one DC TV adaptation stands for now, it seems.

Curiously enough, earlier we learned that the CW will become home to The Chosen, a historical drama about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The Chosen will begin broadcasting on the channel later this week.

Source: TVLine